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Combo help required once again lol

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  • Combo help required once again lol

    Hello! 😁

    I'm having a small problem combining 2 buttons on my xbox controller.

    Let me first explain the situation,
    The first button is the A button which in the game let's me slide my character into cover by tapping the button.
    The second button is the Y button which let's me run when I hold the button in.

    Is it possible to combine the Y into the A button so that when I tap A I can slide into cover and when I hold A I can run?

    I hope that makes sense lol
    (imma go to bed now lol but I'll reply to any messages tomorrow!)

    Thanks in advance !! 😁

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    Hey there!
    For this you need activators.
    On the Single Press activator of A button you will need to map the A button (or leave it as is), and on the Long Press activator of A button you will need to map the Y button.

    So simply pressing the A button will trigger a cover slide, and long pressing the A button will turn it into holding the Y button.


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      Thank you for the reply but i tested this and it works but not the way I want it to lol

      Allow me to explain sir,

      The A button has the features of taking cover and going over covers by single pressing it
      Whilst the Y button has the running feature when holding in and when tapping it makes the player roll

      I tried what you said but it doesn't completely work out, as its abit slow, is there another way I could try?

      Thanks in advance


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        WAIT! I've figured it out using the combo function but on long press it takes a good second to activate it......hmmmm thats the only problem now; that long press is a little bit too long, like 0.50ms too long :/ what can i do to fix this ?


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          Hey there!

          Please go to Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> Press time tab. There, you will be able to adjust the Long press time — the time you should press and hold the button until the mappings starts.