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Paid License, yet trial expired

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  • Paid License, yet trial expired

    I've been having this issue lately where despite the fact I paid for a license and have been able to use ReWASD flawlessly, a few updates ago started a problem where when I start up the application, I'll get a notification saying my trial has expired, and then the app will close entirely. I've managed to fix this before by ending the reWASDService in task manager and re-opening it, but its no longer working. I've tried revoking the license and opening the app again, but it still gives me that error. Is there any reason for this? It seems to only happen when I have reWASD setup to start with Windows.

    As this is my first post, please let me know of any information you need. I don't usually make troubleshooting posts in any forum

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    Hello! Please, close the reWASD including the tray agent. Then follow these steps:

    1. Go to the official DAEMON Tools website and log in a personal account:

    2. Go to My Licenses, find reWASD license, click Show details, and press Revoke.
    3. Open the C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD path and remove the license.dat file
    4. Open reWASD again → license tab → "Activate" button → enter the license key to activate the reWASD.


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      Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't gotten around to using ReWASD again in a while. I did what you suggested, and upon starting it up again, I got the same problem. It seems to work if I do what you said and launch it in one session, but if I were to do that, restart my PC, then launch ReWASD, I seem to get the error again afterward.


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        Make sure no cleaner or anti-virus/protection app is cleaning contents of C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD\ folder (add it to exclusions list if available).


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          Hey there! If you are sure that nothing should block reWASD, please collect some logs for us. The steps are described here (Boot logging part). So, please activate your serial key, start the log, restart your PC, open reWASD to ensure that the license is wiped and stop the log.


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            Let me repeat then, once I open the app, it immediately gives me the error, not letting me click anything outside of it. Clicking "Okay" on the error instantly terminates the app. This means I can't get into the options menu for ReWASD even if I start it as an admin, meaning I can't create logs. And haven't found any anti-virus/cleaning apps deleting the license file on my PC.


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              Looks like you have misunderstood reWASDer there. Revoke license activation first. Run reWASD as Administrator. Activate it and then proceed with logs collection.

              As for checking the C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD\ folder: have reWASD activated, restart your PC and check the folder right away - there should be a license.dat file at least. If it is not, you'd have to look for a culprit among other apps you are using.

              Are you by any chance using a HWID spoofer (software that allows to avoid bans in some games)? This would explain why activation stops working after PC restart, as those can affect our licensing system.

              And what version of reWASD are you using?


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                Ah, yeah I was thinking different. Got the logs done and I'm guessing I need to attach the zip file here?

                No HWID spoofer (tbh didn't even know those existed) and version 6.1.1.

                Side note sorry if I came off as angry or anything, been having extremely stressful year already and its finally getting to me.
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                  Hello! No worries, we will try to find out what happens to solve this issue.

                  And I am sorry, my bad, this log doesn't contain all the info we need. I would kindly ask you to collect one more following the steps below:
                  1. Extract "" archive we shared with the link (if the download doesn't start automatically, please copy and paste the link to the browser:, we suggest to paste the folder to the C drive directory.
                  2. Revoke your license, open reWASD to ensure that everything is OK.
                  3. Restart your PC — this should lead to the issue, but do not start reWASD, first we need to enable the log.
                  4. Open "rewasdlogging_tracelog" folder. You will be able to see two files (StartLog.bat and StopLog.bat). Open cmd as Administrator (click Windows key, type in cmd, and click Run as administrator) and navigate to a directory where was extracted. To change the directory, type in "cd " and the path where rewasdlogging_tracelog is located, like this: "cd C:\rewasdlogging_tracelog".
                  5. Type StartLog.bat and click Enter. Logging should start right now.
                  6. Now open reWASD to see the message about the trial.
                  7. Once done, back to cmd (Run as Administrator again) and type StopLog.bat.
                  8. Open "rewasdlogging_tracelog" folder, you will see file. Please, send it to us here.


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                    Hopefully it doesn't matter if I kept cmd on after starting the log, but did everything you asked and the error did indeed appear. I also had to workaround a bit because inside the zip folder was another folder called "reWASDLogging" and that was where the bat files were. Not a big problem but caught me off guard a tiny bit. Here is the log zip file.


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                      Thanks for the logs. We will contact you as soon as we check them.


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                        Hello again!

                        We have analyzed the log, and we see that the issue is connected with user permissions. Could you please help me with a few more things?
                        1. After reWASD breaks again, try to launch it as Administrator. Exit reWASD from tray agent, then Run it with admin rights. Does the same happen?
                        2. Could you please clarify how many local users are there in your system, and which permissions do they have?
                        Hope this info will help produce the issue from our side and find a solution.


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                          Odd, considering I'm the only user on this PC and I gave myself full admin permissions.

                          1. After trying this, I did notice my trial still expires when launching but does not give me the error. Its rather confusing as it seems inconsistent. Either way, both with normal permissions and when running as admin, it still says my trial has expired.
                          2. Only one, which is my account, and it has full admin permissions.

                          If you need anything more specific, let me know.


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                            Originally Posted by Non-Employee View Post
                            Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't gotten around to using ReWASD again in a while. I did what you suggested, and upon starting it up again, I got the same problem. It seems to work if I do what you said and launch it in one session, but if I were to do that, restart my PC, then launch ReWASD, I seem to get the error again afterward.
                            I may not understood you correctly. Here, 'session' is a period between the restarts? I thought you are talking about logging out from one user session and use another one.

                            Still, somehow, the main reason of your issue is that you have no permissions to use the files from C:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD\ folder. Could you please check the permissions there and let me know what you see there? It would be great if you share the screenshot.


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                              Oh sorry, I meant between restarting or turning off my PC. (basically each time I use my PC being a separate session. May be a better word for it somewhere)

                              I'll add a screenshot, (hopefully it doesn't matter that I cropped it to just the permissions window) but will add that the ProgramData folder that reWASD is located in is hidden. Could that have any effect? I also noticed from this screenshot that I have the same PC/user there 3 times for some reason. Not sure why.
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