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Autodetect associated apps when focus changes

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  • Autodetect associated apps when focus changes

    Hi there!

    So I have enabled autodetect associated apps to apply a certain config when a game launches. This is working fine. What I don't like is that even though the game process is running, changing the focus is changing the controller mapping back to default (which unplugs the virtual device and makes a sound).

    The behaviour I'd like to see is that the auto-applied config stays enabled until I actually exit the game. In other words changing the focus shouldn't change the config.

    Is there any way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!

    -- judges

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    reWASD tracks the active process that is currently in focus, so there is no way to use Autodetect as long as the game is not closed. However, I think I could suggest another solution for you. Please go to Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> Tray agent tab and uncheck Remove applied config on exit from the associated app option there. This way, the config will be applied when you first open the game and will be there until you decide to apply another config manually or switch to another config using Autodetect.


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      Thanks for your swift response! I'm already aware of your suggested solution, but unfortunately it involves a manual step, which I was trying to avoid.

      Maybe some future version can have an option to either track the focus of a process *or* track process start/exit?

      Appreciate your help...

      -- judges


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        We will consider this suggestion, thank you! Can't promise that it will appear in reWASD soon, but it seems to be a pretty useful thing.