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All Devices Work Except G600 Side Buttons

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  • All Devices Work Except G600 Side Buttons

    This one is a bit of a headscratcher for me. My G600 is properly recognized by REWASD, recognize presses on the mouse side buttons, and lets me rebind them. However, when the profile is applied and active, it still sends the native key presses from the G600 as defined in the logitech software.

    **For purpose of troubleshooting, this is a very vanilla bind. When sidebutton 3 is pressed, send Hi with native function muted. I have no other profile active/available and the binding is saved/applied with remap ON***

    To make sure this isn't user error, I've done the exact same simple test bind on 6 other devices (including a G502) and they all work as expected. I've done the usual resinstall/new profile/reinitialize troubleshooting, but I still can't get the G600 to work as expected. To add to the mystery, I can actually rebind the left and right mouse buttons on the G600 and they send the REWASD bindings. I even did some hybrid testing with a group (KB+Mouse) with binds on each— keyboard rebinds fired properly, mouse button rebind fired properly, but side mouse buttons still didn't work.

    Is there something I am missing? At this point I think there must be a specific workaround needed for the G600, or the device just isn't supported in the current version. Thanks for the help!

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    Could you send me more information about your bindings?

    Please send a screenshot of the full reWASD window with your mouse mappings, and also send a screenshot of the bindings from G-Hub.


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      Here you go. Also embedded a short video demonstrating an interesting finding while troubleshooting— once GHub is closed, buttons are "intercepted" by reWASD properly. Of course that has its own limitations (native scroll right and left don't work without GHub running), but thought that might help in the troubleshooting.


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        Hello! Please clarify, did you save the settings in the On-Board Memory of your mouse?


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          Onboard memory mode is set to OFF, same as the G502. To troubleshoot that piece I turned it on and repeated my previous steps. Observations

          GHUB On: Pressing 3 sends 3Z (native button, then mapped letter Z)
          GHUB Off: Pressing 3 sends Z (mapped letter Z only)


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            Hey there!

            So the behavior is the same with on-board memory turned on and off? Usually, reWASD works only if it on — so the keys should be remapped on the hardware level, and then the native software will not influence.


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              Onboard ON does make a difference- the four permutations are as follows with sidebutton 3 remapped to Z

              OnBoard OFF, GHub ON:: Sends 3
              Onboard OFF, GHub OFF:: Sends Z

              OnBoard ON, GHub ON:: Sends Both 3 and Z (with a single activation)
              OnBoard ON, GHub OFF:: Sends Z

              Since rightclick remaps fine and the G502 works in all cases, I'm pretty stumped at what is going on with the sidekeys on the G600.


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                Thank you for the information. We do not have this device, and I am not sure if we could understand why it happens without the research. Are you OK with using reWASD wit GHub OFF? Am I right that everything works as expected in this case?


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                  I miss out on being able to use the left and right scroll in this case (even when remapped those keys only function when ghub is running), but not the end of the world. I know there are going to be certain limitations when dealing with all of the different software competing for keystrokes— especially in this case where logitech's own software acts differently for different devices.


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                    We will try to check different Logitech models, but we do not have this one. Unfortunately, the limitations are still possible.

                    Also, we do plan to add the possibility to remap the horizontal scroll — hope it will help in your case.


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                      I can't use the left and right scroll keys (even when remapped, they only work while ghub is running), but it's not the end of the world. I realize there will be restrictions when competing software for keystrokes, particularly as logitech's software functions differently for various machines.


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                        Hello! If your mouse has On-board memory, you can save your Ghub configuration to it and not keep it open all the time.
                        We plan to add support for horizontal scroll keys in the future, but there is no ETA yet.