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When holding down buttons it seems they are auto pressed

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  • When holding down buttons it seems they are auto pressed


    I've created simple PS4 native config. No fancy customizations.
    Whenever I hold R1 or L1 it's like it's being auto-pressed in the game (God of War, played on Steam).

    I thought it might have been a gamepad issue and I even sent my controller for repair but I've just noticed when ReWASD remap is switched off the issue does not appear. I have also tried disabling the controller in Steam on game level but it doesn't solve the problem.

    I can't pinpoint which settings in ReWASD I should switch off so that holding down the button is not the same as auto clicking it or what else is causing this behaviour.
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    I don't see any mappings in your config. Try to remove the virtual controller and use Native mapping if you need to remap something.

    Click image for larger version

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      thank you for your answer but apologies, I don't understand what do you mean.

      I thought if I click on map controller to virtual DS4 - which is how I created the config I've attached in the first post - I only operate on native mapping level?


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        You already use the physical DS4 controller and there is no need to switch it (map it to) the virtual DS4. Could you please explain which other settings you want to add, so we could figure out which features to use?


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          I just want to not auto-press buttons if I hold the button. If removing the virtual pad is going to resolve the issue then thank you, I will try that.


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            Please let us know how it goes when the virtual controller is not selected then.


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              I honestly cannot say if it fixed the issue or not. I cannot reproduce the behaviour I've reported here but in the meantime I also downgraded firmware of the gamepad and played with drivers.

              One question though, because it seems I don't understand the basics.

              Is there a guide somewhere I could read regarding the mapping options? I have been using this software for years and I always just used 'map to virtual X' then clicked apply and that's it. Now, I see there is a distinction between
              yellow mapping (button is mapped in ReWASD) vs
              white mapping (button is not mapped in ReWASD) vs
              no mapping visible in ReWASD but native mapping enabled, I guess?

              I don't understand what is the difference between ReWASD mapping vs virtual mapping.
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                When adding a mapping, reWASD emulates a virtual controller and adds its mappings automatically. The yellow mappings differ only in that you assigned them manually.
                Using a virtual controller allows you to change the type of controller (Xbox, DS4), add shortcuts and combos, but some games may have problems with it and not see it.

                To simply remap a key, you can use native mapping and not add a virtual controller. This way, the game will immediately see your physical controller.