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How to navigate from F1 to F9 using only two buttons

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  • How to navigate from F1 to F9 using only two buttons

    Hi! This is my first post

    I'm making a Crusader Kings III config for my DualSense.

    This game has a lot of tabs you can access by pressing F1 to F9 but there are no hotkeys to navigate between them and having another 9+ actions to map is not ideal.

    This is what I would want (beware shitty pseudocode):

    actions = [F1,...,F9]
    currentAction= 0
    Next () {
    pressButton (actions [currentAction])   
    currentAction =+1
    if currentAction > lenght(actions) then currentAction = 0
    Can it be done?

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    Hello! Welcome here!

    We have a feature that sounds suitable — Combo Break. If you separate F1-F9 with breaks, then each new press will emulate the next action until you swap them all. Then, it will start over.


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      Yeah, that worked!

      On the other hand can't go backwards from the same spot.

      As a suggestion a mode where you could go back and forth between a list of commands would be cool.



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        Yay, great to know that it helped!

        Yes, there is no way to go backwards, and it is a good idea actually. But I am not sure if we could implement it soon as for it is a bit trickly in our architecture. Anyway, stay tuned for the updates!