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Logitech Macro, Rapid fire and anti-recoil questions

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  • Logitech Macro, Rapid fire and anti-recoil questions

    I have a couple questions:

    Can I add an anti-recoil macro through my GHub app to my mouse and will it be recognized in game, or will this macro be muted with the REWASD program?

    Second, I know there are instructions on how to reduce recoil/Blowback through REWASD and I have tried this according to the instructions and it did nothing.

    Third, I also tried to make a rapid fire combo through REWASD, but I can't seem to get it to work. I am using REWASD to play Call of duty with Mouse and an Azeron emulating a controller. There is a gun I want to use and I can turn it into a burst fire in game, and I was trying to get the gun to shoot more rapidly with less recoil by making a rapid fire combo, but no matter how I set up the combo, the gun still only fires one shot. Is this even possible to do, or not?

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    Hey there!

    1. The macro for anti-recoil in reWASD will only work if you are emulating controller input (the right stick for aiming in the game).
    As far as I know, in G-hub you can't create a combo with controller buttons.

    2. Is your combo based on this use case? If not, please send a screenshot of what combo you created.

    3. Combo for anti-recoil is done in combo editor using Hold until release mode. This is mainly done for automatic weapons. And it is impossible to turn on the turbo for combos in the Hold until release mode.
    In the case of a shotgun or pistol, you can try to create such a combo in Execute at once mode and apply turbo to it. However, I'm not sure if this type of anti-recoil will suit you.