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  • update 6.2.0

    When I undated the app I lost configs for 5 five games

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    Could you please give me more details about the issue?
    • Have you lost all the configs or just some particular ones?
    • Do you see them in GUI as blank configs or there are nothing when you try to find them using the burger-menu at the top-right?
    • Please check the default config folder here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles Do you see any files there?


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      yes, they are there but the app saids "New game profile" it was find on the last version.


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        Could you send a screenshot of the contents of the C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles folder and a screenshot of the full reWASD window showing what it looks like in the interface?

        Thanks in advance.


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          Heres the picClick image for larger version

Name:	Annotation 2022-05-15 070442.png
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Size:	361.4 KB
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            Thank you. Please go to → My data.

            The path to the profiles that is indicated there matches where your profiles are actually located?
            You can also check this by clicking on the Open folder location button.
            If yes, check if there are configuration files in these profile folders (make sure these folders are not empty).


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              odd, it will not let me open preferences. also there are .rewasd and .rewasd.bak files in the folder


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                And when you create a new profile, do you have the option to go to Preferences in the bottom right corner of the app?


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                  I made the new profile. still will not let me, Is mine bugged or something.


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                    Try reinstalling reWASD following the steps below:
                    1. Uninstall reWASD via Windows Apps & Features (the uninstallation wizard will prompt you to remove your activation status, configs and settings, just leave this box unchecked)
                    2. Restart your PC
                    3. Install the latest version of reWASD from our website (Disable all antiviruses and firewalls during installation)
                    4. Restart your PC again.

                    If that doesn't solve the problem, try running reWASD as an administrator.