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Shift modifiers not working correctly in reWASD 6.2

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  • Shift modifiers not working correctly in reWASD 6.2

    Hello everyone,

    So I was waiting with big hopes the 6.2 version of the software since I had so much issues with the 6.1 that I had to reinstall my 5.8 that I have been using now for almost a year.

    So far it seems the the shortcut issue of the 6.1 it is solved in the 6.2, but the shift modifiers are still not working at all like they are supposed to do, like they were working in fact in 5.8.

    Basically this is how to me it should work, and also how it works actually in the 5.8. If your shift key is R, and if, as an example, you press R+X simultaneously, the controller should :
    • Perform the X action in the R shift modifier configuration.
    • If I unhold the X button and as I keep pressing R, and I press Y, it will perform Y in the R shift modifier configuration.
    • If I unhold R but I keep X pressed, it will still performing the X action from the R shift modifier.
    This basic behavior that was the default of the 5.8 just doesn't work in the 6.1 and 6.2.

    What happens in the 6.2 is that you have to first press the R shift key, then wait few ms, and then you can use your X action. It is way too slow for the way I use reWASD.

    I have also tried using a shortcut with the R+X combo, in order to perform the action, setting it too as a trigger for going to the R shift modifier.

    This kinda does the trick, but the problem is that when I release the R key it doesn't come back to the regular no shift modifier mapping, even I my R key is specified as an 'On release' come back to 'Main Configuration'.

    I have been the whole night trying stuffs in order to make the 6.2 work, but it just doesn't and right now I have installed again the 5.8, that was working just 100% perfectly fine.

    On the other hand I also had another big issue with the 6.2. I use reWASD in a game that have one build in shift modifier for the LT button.

    In top of that in the 5.8 I set my own shift modifier for the LT button in order to extend the inputs that the game allows with its natural behavior.

    When I set the LT button as a shift modifier in the 6.2 the game doesn't register that the LT button has been pressed even tho the reWASD interface says that the key in under its natural behavior.

    I tried over writing the LT button with the 'LT' action in top of the shifter and now it performed the 'LT' action. Problem is that it is super laggy and makes the thing absolutely unusable.

    I put as an attachment my current 5.8 configuration in case you wanna check it or suggest a solution.

    I wish reWASD will work again one day in its last version to be honest. I would really like to test the new flydigi controllers but I just can't.

    Maybe an option in the settings in order to make the 6.X version work just like the perfectly fine 5.8 version would be cool.

    I personally feel that reWASD team should work more on supporting and documenting new controllers than adding features that will probably never be used and that for what I have seen so far are just breaking the software.

    Like the 8Bitdo controllers now are massively used, it would be cool to know from this list [ ] if they are partially supported or not.

    Like, what happens if I decide to buy the 8Bitdo Pro2 for using it in reWASD? will be detected as an xbox one controller in the X mode? will not work at all like the flydigi ones in the 5.8 version?

    This kind of information should be written in the above list.

    In my personal opinion I think this is the kind of direction reWASD should take.
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    The massive changes of the Shift mode indeed may require some changes in the configs used before. I assume that you get a delay with Shift Jump due to the Shortcut which uses RB too. It would be better to remove RB+X shortcut while you have the same mapping for the Shift 2 activated by RB. Also, please check which Shortcut Press Time you have in Preferences -> Press Time tab. It is better to keep it as low as possible — this way the mapping will be emulated faster, as for normally, the button used in Shortcut will always perform with a delay — because reWASD waits Shortcut Press Time to ensure that this one is not used in any shortcut. It should help with other delayed mappings you may get for Y, X, A buttons used in Shortcuts in Main configuration and Shift layers.

    • If I unhold R but I keep X pressed, it will still performing the X action from the R shift modifier.
    You will need to go to Preferences -> General tab and uncheck Re-press the held button when switching to Shift layer. This option was added to 6.1 version and lets you get the shift mapping even if you entered the Shift layer after the button in question is pressed. This behavior is new in comparison with 5.8 version, so if you want to get the older behavior, please uncheck this option.

    Currently, I could not reproduce any other mentioned issues if I do not set a big Shortcut Press Time — the keys are pressed immediately in the tester. Same for LT: it works as a trigger even while it activates the Shift layer:

    Click image for larger version

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    Like, what happens if I decide to buy the 8Bitdo Pro2 for using it in reWASD? will be detected as an xbox one controller in the X mode? will not work at all like the flydigi ones in the 5.8 version?
    It depends on the modes your controller has. If the gamepad has X-Input mode, it will be detected as Xbox 360. If the controller has Switch mode, it will be detected as Switch Pro controller which will let you use gyro if it is presented in this particular controller model. Each gamepad may have its unique mode switcher. As far as we know, 8bitdo controller allow you to switch its mode by a pre-defined hotkey (a few buttons pressed together during about 3 seconds). The same is true for other controllers connected via 8bitdo adapter. You will see the relevant information in the device's manual.

    By the way, X-Input mode of Flydigi controllers was also remappable in 5.8 and older reWASD versions. But here we have the same situation — the controller should be switched to the partcular mode. After we released the support of these controllers, you do not need to use X-Input mode anymore as for in Android mode, reWASD sees all the gamepad's buttons including the paddles. Sadly, it is not possible for 8bitdo devices. But you may check this use case #30 to learn about a workaround with back buttons used in Shift mode.


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      Thanks for the fast reply, I did what you said about removing the shortcuts and now it is working.

      The shifters now have the same delay as in the 5.8 version.

      On the other hand I was using shortcuts too in the 5.8 version in order to need less precision in the order in which I press the shifter + the button.

      As an example if I press both, shifter and button, simultaneously I may get the button input, and not the shifter+button input.

      Do you know if there is any way to configure reWASD in order to do that?


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        The essence of the shift modifier is that it is pressed before the button whose input you want to use in the Shift layer.
        There is no way around this.