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Both XBOX Elite and 360 showing up in Steam

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  • Both XBOX Elite and 360 showing up in Steam

    I'm using an XBOX Elite Series 2 in Steam and using reWASD to run macros with the combo function. It's working, but now Steam is detecting both an Elite controller and a 360 controller connected at the same time.

    This is causing some issues in my games, and with how I like to use both reWASD and Steam Controller Configurations in some games, and the web browser.

    The functionality I'm trying to get is to have my Elite seen natively by windows/steam/etc. , and have remapped buttons for that controller still send Elite button presses. It seems the way it's functioning now is that reWASD is sending Elite button presses for any button for which the mappings haven't been changed, and then virtual 360 button presses for any buttons that have been mapped, or for button combos(macros).

    The only thing I really want to use the virtual controllers for is my Nintendo Switch Online controllers and my DualShock3.

    How do I remap the buttons on the Elite without creating an instance of the 360 virtual controller?

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    Using the built-in Steam remapper in conjunction with reWASD may cause mapping conflicts. Therefore, when using reWASD, it is recommended to disable Steam Controller Support for your controller in Steam Big Picture mode.

    Buttons that do not have reWASD mappings also work on behalf of the Xbox 360 virtual controller created in reWASD.
    If they worked on behalf of your Elite controller, input lag or other issues in games would take place.

    You can avoid creating a virtual controller in reWASD by using Native mapping.
    However, Native mapping does not allow combos to be assigned.
    Thus, in case you still need combos in reWASD, there is no way to avoid creating a virtual controller.


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      Damn, that’s too bad combos have to use virtual controllers. In Pinnacle Game Profiler you can hook the 360 controller buttons and remap them to send 360 button press combos, macros etc., though I don’t believe that program supports Elite controllers.

      still, would be nice if you could send combo presses with the same device output as the native device you’re using in reWASD (as with Elite controllers in this particular scenario)

      Can I switch the virtual controller to XBOX One?

      when I click on the magic wand 360 is selected and all other options are greyed out and not selectable


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        I understand you, but it's impossible to play combos without emulating virtual input.
        But in reWASD there is no way to emulate an Elite virtual controller, and I'm not sure that this feature will appear.

        You can change the type of the emulated virtual controller through the Virtual controller settings.


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          oh man, I don’t know how I missed that! I kept looking in the preferences menu, and under the magic wand.

          I thought that button (number 1) had something to do with home button functionality.



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            I was able to get everything to play nice and work how I want it to in Steam.

            Before the 360 virtual controller was taking over all my Elite’s button functionality.

            which looked like this inside reWASD
            Click image for larger version  Name:	6EAE3893-E400-4F7E-A895-55F6FEA6DE13.jpg Views:	4 Size:	460.9 KB ID:	232296

            I went into Preferences > Gamepads > and unchecked “Hide physical controller when virtual one is created”

            now this is what I’m seeing
            Click image for larger version  Name:	BEE87E47-900B-4674-B969-B21C1BDB020E.jpg Views:	4 Size:	449.7 KB ID:	232297
            Now all button presses within Steam are being seen as Elite button presses. The Elite is now taking full priority in Steam. The 360 controller is still showing up under Steams connected controllers, but the 2 are no longer clashing.

            Sweet success!
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              Glad that your workaround is working!
              However, conflict can not be avoided in all games. Just keep that in mind.