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  • PS3 Navigation Move Controller Help

    I'm sure that this may be covered somewhere and would be more than happy to do the reading about how to setup this controller if someone would be kind enough to drop me a link that helps explain things.

    In the meantime...
    I am switching from a PS4 to a PC (Playing Warzone). On PS4, I was using a XIM adapter to run a mouse (right hand) and a PS3 Navigation Move (left hand). I stumbled across REWASD and really like what I see.
    However, I'm afraid I am going to require a little help understanding the advanced controls setup as it pertains to the analog thumbstick on the PS3 Navigation controller. My goal is to attempt to get that thumbstick as close to an analog thumbstick as possible. Essentially, it needs to allow the character to move slowly when the thumbstick is only slightly moved, then full speed when the thumbstick is moved all the way in a given direction. I feel like this is possible in the advanced controls, but I'm not grasping the setup information.

    Any help here would be awesome....thanks.

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    Foremost, I want to share with you a link to our knowledge base.
    Also in your case, a lot depends on what kind of input you emulate in the end - virtual kb&m or controller.

    If you use your mouse and PS Nav in a group and emulate a virtual controller from them, then in the case of the analog stick of your PS Nav, everything should work the same as with the analog stick of any other controller.
    However, I don't know if this movement mechanic (the dependence of the speed of movement on the degree of deflection of the stick) works in Warzone.

    A description of all the parameters of the Advanced stick settings section can be found here.
    Also, make sure that the correct input method is selected in the game settings.