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    Hello, I recently purchased license with advanced features. My goal is to setup Mice + Keyboard to use it as a controller in COD Cold War.

    I've managed to find a decent configuration that works however the issue with a mice movement is just really hard to adjust. I've tried everything to make it more like a mice and less like a controller stick, but is it even possible?
    The mice movement just isn't precise, it overlaps, lags and is difficult to aim.

    What can be done to improve it and make it a mice again?


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    A mouse and a controller stick use different types of controls. The latter uses a continuous input and has a limit of maximum possible deflection, which in turn limits the maximum camera turning speed, making quick turns almost impossible. Although we do have some tips to mitigate the difference between the two:
    • make sure you have the [Advanced Mapping] feature, as it is required for the mouse-to-stick type of mappings.
    • minimize in-game deadzone values and match [Deflection Low] in [Virtual controller settings] in reWASD to the same value (it scales from 0 to 32768, so match accordingly, like for 5% or .05 it would be 32768 * 5% = 32768 * .05 = 1638).
    • look for a balance between in-game camera turn speed and [X/Y Sensitivity] in [Advanced] settings of a mouse, with priority on camera turn speed being as high as possible while not feeling jittery.
    • [Default Response curve] is recommended, though that is a part of "personal preference", so you'd be fine with whatever you'll get used to.
    • [Smoothing] and [Noise filter] are recommended to be at 0, but that is also a "personal preference" thing. Try out different values and see for yourself what feels better.


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      Thanks. I've been tweaking these settings all day and it's really hard to get anything reliable in game... The mouse is just all over the place or too slow.