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Mapping Gyro Controls to my Xbox One Controller possible?

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  • Mapping Gyro Controls to my Xbox One Controller possible?


    I'm pretty new to this software and loving it but today i encountered a problem.
    Just a quick explanation I use reWASD to play Uncharded 4 with PlayStation Plus on my PC and almost finished it.
    Now I'm at a point where the game wants me to shake (gyro) my controller to bring my Flashlight to work again.

    Is it possible to configure my reWASD maybe like this?

    While holding Y+B+A+RB i can use the left and right stick to emulate the gyro controls so i get a shake to get the Flashlight working again?
    If that's possible or if there is a better or different way how can i accomplish that?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    If the game requires a specific gyroscope shake action, then reWASD does not yet do that.

    The point is that we can only emulate a virtual DS4 gyroscope on controllers that are physically equipped with a gyroscope.
    You can read more about this in this article.


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      ok i understand, thank you for the quick reply!