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X-axis issues in Virtual Mouse mode for right analog stick

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  • X-axis issues in Virtual Mouse mode for right analog stick


    I have an issue where setting the precise adjustment of point 1 to X=0, Y=0 in the Custom response menu will not save. It instead defaults the X value to 100 upon re-entering the menu. The Y-axis does correctly stay at 0.
    My X-input controller (recognized as an Xbox One controller by reWASD) has its own deadzone managing software so I don't want additional deadzone changes from reWASD as it interferes with the virtual mouse movement, hence my desire to set the values to 0.

    Click image for larger version

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    Furthermore, I noticed that I am unable to set the X axis of the Zone Shape to a value of 0 in the Precise adjustment window, it won't go lower than a value of 100 (I think this is the reason the X value of Point 1 in the Custom response menu keeps defaulting to 100).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Deadzone Precise adjustment.png
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    Hello! By default, Xbox controllers have a deadzone value of 9000. Setting the deadzone to 0 will most often cause the stick drift, so we set the minimum value to 100.

    Do you notice the difference at deadzone 100 after enabling the remap? Also, please specify the model of your controller.


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      The controller that I'm using is the Xim Nexus controller and yes the X-axis at a value of 100 is noticeable in two ways, one is that moving the right stick horizontally results in a 'wobbly' mouse movement and the other is in the built-in Gyro function of the controller ends up with an undesirable deadzone.

      Interestingly, when I initially set the X value to 0 (of point 1 in the custom response precise adjustment menu), hit the save button and press apply, the deadzone issues are gone (meaning it seems to be correctly applied). However anytime upon re-entering the Advanced menu reWASD defaults the value back to 100 and the save icon gets highlighted despite me not having made any changes. After this even if I back out of the menu, hitting the Apply button or enabling the remap in another way causes the config to have a X-axis deadzone of 100 despite me not having saved any changes.

      So it's not that reWASD is functionally unable to have the X-axis set at 0 it's just that it won't stay saved. It seems like a bug or something.


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        This is not a bug. At the moment, this is such a technical limitation. Sort of like stick drift protection.

        Your device is really specific, and we have recently begun to research it. But I can please you - we will make it possible to specify a "zero" deadzone in the next global update.
        Approximate dates - the end of summer or the beginning of September.

        Stay tuned!


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          That is fantastic news! Thank you!!!


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            We are always glad to help!


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              We have added the possibility to set zero deadzone to sticks in reWASD 6.3

              Please the new build or learn more about it from this post.


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                I tried it out just now and it's working as it should, awesome work!