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Program detecting actual gamepad buttons instead of simulated keys

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  • Program detecting actual gamepad buttons instead of simulated keys


    I'm using DCS-SRS and it has a screen where one can register the inputs linked to program actions:

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    I've setup a profile in reWASD for my XBox One Elite controller, so that "big right paddle" + "left POV" emulates the "F15" key.
    But when I press the "set" button in DCS-SRS interface, and then press"big right paddle" + "left POV", it detects the actual buttons on my gamepad and stops listening before even registering the F15 key.
    I tried mapping the F15 key to the release of a gamepad button, to trick the DCS-SRS software, but it didn't work.
    Any idea how I could do this ?

    Before buying reWASD, I was using JoystickGremlin, which has a feature made specially for this use case.
    After selecting a menu in the user interface, any emulated output would be repeated once a second, for 10 seconds.
    Is there a similar feature in reWASD ?

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    Kind regards,

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    Firstly, please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
    I need the correspondent *.rewasd file. Perhaps, there is a mistake in the config

    Secondly, I'm not familiar with DCS-SRS but, as you described this feature, it looks like our Turbo feature. Turbo is the feature that permits you to fire the mapped key or sequence repetitively with the adjustable pause between shots. Read more about the Rapid Fire feature here.


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      Hi, thanks for your answer !

      Here's a simple config that I made for FS2020, and share the same problem.
      The "Turbo" feature was not helpful, as it requires to maintain the button press on the gamepad: DCS-SRS detects the button press anyway.
      I found a way using the "Combo" feature, even if it requires to specifically map the virtual key in a dedicated profile. It's on "Y" in the profile I shared.
      I hope it'll help my fellow reWASD users !

      Kind regards,

      PS : it would be very useful to develop a "Input repeater" feature similar to Joystick Gremlin, wouldn't it ?
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        Try using the magic wand and assign Mute to all the buttons on the controller.

        Click image for larger version

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        Also, to make the turbo work on pressing the button instead of holding it, use the Combo and the Toggle checkbox. You can adjust the frequency of pressing the button using a pause in the combo.

        Click image for larger version

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