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Problem with creating separate profile for two different games.

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  • Problem with creating separate profile for two different games.

    I own both Dynasty Warriors 8 XL and Dynasty Warriors 8 EMPIRES, and both of their exes are called Launch. So when I created the XL one first, set it up for my Azeron, linked it to the XL one, which of course works fine. Afterwards, I created the EMPIRES profile, but when I try to add the associated apps for autodetect like I did for XL, it said same process so can't add it. I created shortcuts and renamed the shortcut, but still said same thing. Anyway to bypass it? Or do I just have to manually switch profile when I play Dynasty Warriors 8 EMPIRES on REWASD? Thanks.

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    Try to add the game to autodetect of the EMPIRES config via [Add active process]. This should help.

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      Hi RAM,
      I tried that, I even deleted the two profiles and remapped them and tried add active process, still the same result. " This app is used in Dynasty Warriors 8 EMPIRES. Please choose another one". Other way around if I tried to add it to the other one.I think I'll just have to stick with manually switching for one of them when I play them for now.


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        I think it would be safe to rename one of the files to something more unique like [launcher.exe] > [dw8e.exe] and add that file to the list of associated apps instead.


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          You can do that? I thought of that? but someone told me not to do it as it might cause problems for Steam.


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            Steam indeed might try to start the original executable, which is why you should run the game manually via the renamed executable while Steam is running if you want reWASD to detect it.


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              Ahh okay, I did find that there is a method for this, I'll try it, but if it's too much trouble I probably will just stick with switching manually. THanks!