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Problem with the trial-version

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  • Problem with the trial-version

    Hello, I just discovered Rewasd and was trying its trial version. I was testing different games with keyboard and mouse via Ps Remote. Controls were fine in Uncharted, but choosing the inventory wheel in Diablo 3 was a bit difficult because the wheel wouldn't stay where it was. But my main problem was that Advanced Mapping and Rapid Fire were turned off even though the trial was 10 days away. But without these features, the test doesn't make much sense to me. Because those are the features I want to test. What is the purpose of these features ending before the trial process, I could not understand. There is no way to solve this so I can continue testing the program?

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    Hey there!
    At the moment, the trial system works exactly like this:
    Each user is given a 7-day trial for basic functionality and 3 days for additional features.
    This is due to the fact that additional features are needed for some special tasks, and the number of options that each of the additional features opens is noticeably less than the functionality of the basic license.
    Accordingly, the time to test additional features are provided less.

    I sent you additional instructions in a private message.