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  • Remap Unknown Mouse Button

    I’m trying to remap a button on my mouse that does not appear to be available in the ReWASD software.

    The brand of mouse is the Evoluent Vertical mouse. I’ve searched online for ways to remap this button but have only found tutorials for Linux, ie:

    The specific button ( Near the thumb ) appears to have an Input ID of 10, of which I’d like to remap to anything recognizable ( like a back button? ID 8? ). Otherwise this button does nothing at all [ except if I install Evoluent software, which itself conflicts with ReWASD and overrides any ReWASD mappings assigned to the mouse ].

    Appreciate the super useful software. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hello! To remap additional mouse buttons in reWASD, they must first be remapped to keyboard buttons in native software and stored in On-board memory. More about it in our help.
    Disable remap in reWASD before using Evoluent software.


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      Unfortunately there is no on-board memory with this mouse - when the software is running its remaps are applied, and when not, they’re not.


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        reWASD is able to remap additional buttons of a mouse only through a keyboard device that is usually embedded with the mouse.

        If it has any specific buttons that can work only with its own software - we won't be able to remap them.


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          It appears that there are additional buttons on some mice that can be mapped aside from the standard Left Click, Right Click, etc., namely ExtBt7 and ExtBt8, and that these have been mapped in Linux successfully.

          I’ve got at least 2 other mice with a seemingly similar issue, that I would love to repurpose if I could.

          Thanks guys, for looking into.