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    Whats the best tutorial you have seen out there? very few walk you through mapping keys, what mute is, etc. I just need simple keymapping to seem like controller

    If i have only a keyboard and mouse hooked up to my computer, will it emulate a controller so i can have aim assist and games think im on controller? Do I need a controller hooked up for that?

    I've used xim before and the mapping was so easy and self explanatory. This seems more complex.

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    These two video tutorials might help you with remapping your keyboard and mouse to a virtual controller:reWASD can create a virtual controller on its own, so there is no need to have another controller connected to the PC (that is if you are not trying to remap directly to the PS4 console).
    But if you have the controller connected, you should group it up with your keyboard and mouse, so reWASD would hide it, leaving only the virtual controller visible to the games.