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2 player map to keyboard?

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  • 2 player map to keyboard?

    New to the software. Looking to emulate Xbox controller to a keyboard. And looking to use 2 players from the keyboard. All the games I am trying to access are steam games. Are there any tuorials for this?

    I built an arcade and trying to play steam games from my ipac joystick board (which is basically a keyboard).


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    reWASD works in such a way that you can make only one virtual controller from one physically connected device.

    If you want to make 2 virtual controllers from one your ipac keyboard, then I'm afraid this is not possible.​


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      Thanks for response. I have trying to get this arcade to work as a 2 player arcade with modern games on steam. Do you or anyone else have any ideas to get the controls to map to a keyboard? Anything would be appreciated.


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        Not sure if I understood you correctly.
        Do you want to make 2 virtual keyboards from one physical controller?
        Or vice versa?

        I would be grateful if you could describe your idea in more detail, mentioning the physical devices used and the type of input being emulated.

        Thanks in advance.​