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Apply button does nothing

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  • Apply button does nothing

    I can't apply my config because nothing happens after I click the Apply button. It just greys out for a moment and then comes back and nothing has changed.

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    There is a high chance that either the [reWASDEngine.exe] or [reWASDService.exe] processes are crashing.

    To investigate this we need the config file you are trying to apply (right-click on its name and select [Open file location] to find it) and some logs:
    1. Exit reWASD from tray agent.
    2. Download and start this registry file to enable reWASD logging:
    3. Open reWASD.
    4. Try to apply the config.
    If reWASD ends up doing nothing again:
    1. Exit the app from the tray agent.
    2. Open File explorer, the go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs folder, and send us its contents.
    3. Download and start this registry file to stop reWASD from logging: