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PS3 Nav R D Pad behaving like L

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  • PS3 Nav R D Pad behaving like L

    So I just set up a PS3 Nav controller and I noticed that no matter what I do, the right D Pad button always behaves as if it was the left button when in game.

    The program itself has no problem recognizing the button but when playing the game, it's like I have 2 left D Pad buttons.

    I tried with and without remapping.

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    The "without remapping" part suggests that this is either an in-game or hardware issue.

    It is possible, that in-game controls are set to do the same action with both left and right D-Pad buttons.

    You should test your controller either with Windows Game Controllers [joy.cpl] tool or at the Gamepad Tester site to exclude the hardware issue.


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      Thank you for that. I went ahead and used that site with remap on and it was showing left button for both R and L.

      I turned off remap and it showed me B5 and B7 so I guessed it wasn't a hardware issue.

      Then I turned on remap again and it started working properly.