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  • Feedback to 6.13

    Hi reWASD-Team,

    first of all, great work with new Version 6.13. Thank's for that :-)

    Find some minor Issues, maybe wrong configuration?

    1. XBOX One Elite V2 - LED is off
    If i uncheck both Boxes in Common LED, the LED of the Controller is off.
    Before 6.13 the LED shows the setting from the XBOX-App (brightness)

    My wish:
    Let the LED shine if the boxes are not checked.

    2. XBOX One Elite V2 - LED is not white
    This is also before 6.13. If i select the Color "White" (RGB: 255, 255,255), the LED glows light red.

    My wish:
    Anyone a idea how to make the LED white? Like the Original-LED-Setting?

    3. Disconnected Controller and Tray Icon
    If the Controller is disconnected, the Tray Icon still shows the "reWASD"-Dot with Green.
    Before there was a "Unconnected"-Icon.
    If i click "Hide until reconnect" the old "Unconnected"-Icon is there.

    My wish:
    Show the old "Unconnected"-Icon if no Device is connected.

    4. "Hide until reconnect" and reconnect
    I had to reassign the defaul configuration to the slot, also remap is off.

    My wish:
    After reconnect the device, everything is like before.

    5. Overlay also shown for unconnected devices
    My wish:
    Don't show it.

    Tried to "Clear Data" in Options, but doesn't solve the issues.

    Have a good day.


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    Thank you for your feedback.

    1-2. Please note that reWASD works with LED on Xbox Elite 2 only with wired or Xbox Adapter connection. Probably, the reason is in the type of connection.
    3. If the device is online and remap is applied there is a green dot. The offline device is marked with a yellow dot. If remap is off - gray. Please provide us with a screenshot if a disconnected device shows a green dot. We will try to reproduce it from our side.
    4. We are working on something like it.
    5. We suggest clicking on [Hide until reconnect] for now

    We are doing our best to make remapper №1 in the world


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      1-2: I'm using the Xbox Adapter
      3. Please see Screenshot.
      4. Great :-)
      5. 4. hurts more then 5. ;-)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	TrayIcon-Green-but-no-device.png
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        Try to uncheck Prevent other apps from using LED​ option.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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        Hmmm, the Green dot is in the tray even if you apply an offline group. So, I'll talk about it with our team.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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        Thank you for your feedback again!

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