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Joycons connected but REWASD not recognizing them

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  • Joycons connected but REWASD not recognizing them

    My third party Joycons are connected to my PC via bluetooth, but REWASD does not detect any controller connected.

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    reWASD is guaranteed to work with Joy-cons only when connected via a Broadcom-based Bluetooth adapter.

    Please connect the connection logs according to the following instructions:
    1. Disconnect/unpair your Joy-cons.
    2. Run reWASD as administrator
    3. Open Preferences > General, and make sure you chose Standard logging with Service/Driver logs
    4. Press Start log, leave Preferences, connect/pair your Joy-cons with your PC, and wait for about half a minute.
    5. Return to Preferences > General and press Stop log. You will see this message:

    6. Click Open file location, find the archive that was created the last, and send it to us
    In case you have completed the steps above, but accidentally clicked Cancel instead of Open file location, you can still find the archive with logs using this path: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs.