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Bind G27 (racing wheel) pedals to a XBOX360 stick

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  • Bind G27 (racing wheel) pedals to a XBOX360 stick

    Hi there, sorry for my english...
    I'm starting to play Star wars Squadrons (spacecraft combat simulator if you don't know about it). In other flight games (as Elite dangerous) I can use the pedals of my G27 racing wheel for accelerating and brakeing at the same time that my Xbox360 controller for turning, shooting, etc...
    The thing is, the game allows you to use controller and G27 pedals, BUT not at the strict same time. One input cancels the other, because the game switchs by blocks (keyboard/controller/racing wheel...) but it is unable to use them together. So I can speed up with the pedal and then (next) turn/rotate with my xbox controller or viceversa. But I can't accelerate/break WHILE rotating or viceversa, since one input overrides the other (I stop rotating when speeding up, or I stop speeding when rotating).
    I'm acomplete mess if I have the accelerate/break option in a stick controller since my tendency is to use one stick for roll, another for yaw, but BOTH of them to pitch up and down. So everytime I do up/down movements I'm unintentionally accelerating and breaking.

    SO, is it possible (If so I'd buy rewasd) to bind my g27 pedals to the xbox360 stick? Most of the apps I've tried (even my g27 has a profiler app) let you bind FROM a controller/pedal/racing wheel... TO a keyboard stroke, but not viceversa or not from a hardware (G27) to other (xbox360)

    In reddit one user told me: "Look into using reWASD to bind both the controller and pedals to one virtual controller, then use that in Squadrons"
    But is this possible? If I have understood correctly,, I must bind the controller to itself (in addition to pedals) since that "virtual" controller would be the same as the real controller I'm using, right?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long speech

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    Hello! reWASD has a trial period, so you can try before you buy.
    The device will most likely be recognized as a keyboard, if not, then initialize it like this using Detection mode. After that, create a device group from the controller and this keyboard (pedals) and assign the desired controller mappings. You can choose the type of virtual controller you need (for example, Xbox 360). Thus, both devices will be recognized by the game as one controller.​


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      Hello, thanks for your reply. I have installed rewasd and unfortunately I believe my G27 is not recognized...
      In the bar below it shows a lot of dispositives (more than I have plugged in), all of them with generic names as "Logitec_WmVirHidXX" or "Logitec_LGVirHidXX" Any way, I have managed to identify my mouse, keyboard and xbox controller with detection mode. but, the G27 wheel, it shows as a gamepad icon with an "?" inside and it reads "uncompatible device" with 2 options: 1) Don't show in reWASD and 2) ask for help. I know that it IS the G27 because it's greyed/ungreyed out when I unplug/plug the G27 USB. Detection mode doesn't recognize any G27 pulsation in detection mode.
      I've tried plug/unplug the G27, switch USB port...

      So, that's it. I guess that rewasd doesn't recognize the G27. As a last chance, I'll wait for your answer since maybe one of those "generic logitech dispositives" (that I don't know what are them) is the G27 and I can "wake up" it somehow.


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        These devices (Logitech_LGVirHidxxxx) are virtual devices that are usually created by Logitech drivers when you use a Logitech mouse or keyboard.

        It's normal for your G27 to be detected as an Unsupported device because we don't officially support steering wheels.

        However, we plan to implement support for steering wheels in the future.

        Stay tuned!​


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          Ok thanks!