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Unable to create different mappings for multiple slots

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  • Unable to create different mappings for multiple slots

    Licence type: paid, full pack
    REWASD version:
    Gamepad: Xbox Elite Series 2
    Gamepad firmware: 4.8.1908.0 / 5.13.x

    Short description: Unable to create different mappings for multiple slots

    Expected result: being able to modifiy mappings on the controller, save them to certain slot, make new mappings and save them to another slot

    Actual result: after saving new mappings to slot, changing slots give me message "Slot X is empy. You are back to the device native behavior." and I cannot change mappings on any other slots outside the one I modified because all the UI elements wanish

    Long description:
    basically, this is what I'm trying to do:
    slot 1: blank
    slot 2: paddles mapped to another gamepad buttons
    slot 3: paddles mapped to keyboard buttons
    slot 4: blank

    And after mapping the paddles to buttons on slot 2 and saving it, I switch to slot 3 so I can map the paddles to keyboard buttons. Then I get the message that the gamepad changed to its native behavior, all the buttons wanish from the UI. This means I cannot change anything on the gamepad on any other slot outside the slot 2 that I just configured. I can click on the arrow nex to the apply button and change it to slot 3, but that will only result of whatever was done on slot 2 will transfer to slot 3 and I cannot do anything on slot 2 any longer.

    So after changing something and then saving it to the slot it will result to this:
    slot 1: device native behavior, cannot change anything
    slot 2: custom mappings
    slot 3: device native behavior, cannot change anything
    slot 4: device native behavior, cannot change anything

    Downgrading firmware from 5.13.x to 4.8.1908.0 didn't help.
    Computer that I'm trying to do this on doesn't have Xbox Accesories App or active Steam Enhanced Xbox support.
    I did connect the gamepad to another computer which has Xbox Accesories APP to downgrade the firmware and setting the blank profiles on the paddles like in the manual. Didn't help.

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    It seems that you have a misunderstanding on what configs are.

    Each config is a file within a profile folder. When you apply a config, it is saved and then used to remap your device. The same config can be applied to multiple slots.
    But if you wish to remap each slot differently, you are required to create an additional config for each of those slots.

    In your case, you should:
    • set up one config to remap paddles to other gamepad buttons (if you have the Advanced Mapping feature, you should use the Native mappings) and apply it to slot #2;
    • create a new config, remap paddles to keyboard keys in it, and then apply this config to slot Blogs