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  • Create axial deadzone

    I just today installed this software to remap the paddles of my new Xbox Elite Serie 2 controller.
    Now I noticed that stick response is very different from how it used to be without this program.

    In particular getting 100% stick response in horizontal (or vertical) direction is almost impossible. It seems to be just 0.5° of stick angle to get it. In comparison on the default setup it is about 45°.
    Checking here with reWASD off I can get 1.00000 horizontal while also having 0.30000 vertical. But with reWASD on I can't get more than 0.00500 vertical while having 1.00000 horizontal.
    I tried a lot of settings but none seemed to change this fact. All I could change was the amount I had to move the stick to max out the total response (vertical + horizontal).

    I know reWASD is closer to perfect circularity.
    But for one of the games I play (Trackmania) it is very important to fully max out horizontal. If I don't I will not be able to drive some tracks as full steering and 99% steering makes a huge difference. In fact I only need horizontal and no vertical at all.

    Am I just stupid for not finding how to configure an axial deadzone (that is what I want I think) or is it actually impossible?

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    All sticks of virtual controllers in reWASD are limited by the perfect circular form.

    If you are unable to reach it normally, you can change the [Response] curve in stick`s Advanced settings to something like this, so the stick would reach maximum deflection early:

    Click image for larger version

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      The setting you showed does not help. This only helps getting to 99.8% horizontal and 0.06% vertical with less stick movement but I need 100% (no 99% is not basically the same).

      So there is no way to set it so putting the stick to 87.5° (Assuming fully up is 0°) is treated the same as 90°? If that is not possible the only thing I can do is uninstall reWASD.

      Or maybe try to use DX Tweak on top of reWASD if that is even possible.


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        In that case there is nothing else reWASD could do.

        We use the data we get from the device and limit it to the circular shape. If your controller does not have any hardware or firmware issues, you should be able to reach 1 and -1 values on all axies on max deflection at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees with and without reWASD`s remapping.