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reWASD jr crashes for any program with shortcuts

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  • reWASD jr crashes for any program with shortcuts

    I’ve noticed that since the last update reWASD will crash when trying to load any profile that is set up with shortcuts. The app works fine if the shortcuts are removed for the profile you are trying to load. I’m using ios for jr btw.

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    Do you mean these Shortcuts or something else?

    Please provide a config file, reWASD and reWASD Junior versions and a full list of steps that would lead to a crash of the reWASD Junior, so we can reproduce the issue on our side.


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      Yes, config file attached. reWASD version 6.3.1 reWASD Junior version 1.1.4.

      The shortcut I added was binding mouse left and mouse right to the high zones of my left analog stick on my dualsense controller. For this particular profile it's set up as high zone + leftstick left + leftstick up = mouse move right, with other similar mouse stick combos set up for other directions:
      Click image for larger version

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      In the previous version this worked without causing the Junior app to crash when opening a profile with this shortcut, now adding this shortcut to a profile will cause the junior app to crash when attempting to open it in the app. Deleting the shortcuts allows me to open the profile without crashing. Not a huge concern as I can still switch to the profile on the PC application, and great program btw, this has been one of the best remappers I've ever used
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        We have found and fixed the issue. Fix will be available with the next update of reWASD and reWASD Junior for iOS.


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          That’s great news! Thanks for fixing this so fast!


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            We are trying to do our best!