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Decrease time to get my emulated stick back to neutral

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  • Decrease time to get my emulated stick back to neutral

    hi guys,
    i'm using a steam controller for couple of years now and only recently got into rewasd due some "difficulties" with epic games.
    BUT today i run into a little problem:
    My right stick (which is emulated, because i dont actually have a right stick, but a nice right trackpad) is taking ages to return to the neutral position.
    I try to explain that a bit to make things clear.
    For example, if you drag a normal, physical stick to the left (or any other direction of your choice) it will give you something of a x value <0 and some y value.
    And if you let go of it, the spring does its job and kicks the stick swiftly back into the neutral position (~ 0,0).

    BUT if i let go of my emulated stick it need a whole friggin second to do this "kick back" to neutral.
    and how do i disable this thing?
    Any help is greatly appreciated, as this thing is driving me crazy.