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Confused: how to setup two players on one keyboard

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  • Confused: how to setup two players on one keyboard

    Hi all,
    I just bought and installed reWASD, but am confused why something isn't working:

    Here's what I'm trying to do: play a two-player split-screen game (It Takes Two) with two players on one single keyboard.
    My problem:
    I can setup reWASD just fine, but only for one player, not for two.
    • E.g., I imported the config from user "numan", turned it on, assigned it to "Slot 1", and now the keyboard works like it should in-game. So far, so good.
    • I then created a second config and assigned it to "Slot 2". But when I then start the game, the game doesn't respond to any of the "slot 2" commands, only to the "slot 1" commands.

    How do I set up reWASD so it lets two players each use their own set of keys?

    Thank you!

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    Hey there!

    As far as I understand, numan reassigns Numpad and arrows to virtual gamepad buttons in his config.
    Apparently, WASD and other buttons on the left side of the keyboard remain unchanged and are intended for player #1, while remapped buttons such as arrows and Numpad turn into a virtual controller and are intended for player Forum (or vice versa).

    The essence of reWASD is that you cannot apply two configurations to the same device or group of devices at the same time.

    Therefore, you need to apply the config only once and in one slot.

    Thus, as I described above, the left side of the keyboard will remain the keyboard (player #1), and the right side of the keyboard (or keyboard + mouse) reWASD will "turn" into a gamepad for player #2.‚Äč


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      Late to respond but wanted to say thank you 1ncorrect, that clarified it to me. I was able to make it work now.