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Can't activate reWASD or uninstall for a fresh install

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  • Can't activate reWASD or uninstall for a fresh install

    Something broke with my installation to the point where I can't even uninstall the app properly. This wouldn't be an issue if I could use the app itself, but I can't even get to the point of entering my activation key, because clicking "I already have a key" immediately crashes it. Can someone help me out here?

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    Please check for errors in Event Viewer following the steps below:
    1. Press Windows button, type [Event Viewer], press Enter.
    2. Choose [Windows Logs] in the upper left corner, then choose [Application].
    3. Check out the panel on the right side: there's a [Find] option. Click it, and type "reWASD" to search for related errors.
    4. Once you find one or multiple events, please right-click and "Save selected events..." on every one of them, and send the file(s) to us.​

    If you get any error messages on the screen, please also send screenshots of them.

    Thanks in advance.​


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      Managed to save them in txt format. There is a .NET Runtime error, but I have used the trial on this exact system before without this odd crash, so I'm fairly certain I have the prerequisites installed.
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        Further instructions have been sent to you on Twitter.