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Unable to remove Virtual input device for reWASD!

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  • Unable to remove Virtual input device for reWASD!

    I installed reWASD some time ago but administrator limitations prevent me from using reWASD so i removed the application (atleast i thought i did).
    But since then i'm stuck with a Virtual Input device for reWASD and it cannot be removed no matter what i do!

    It's getting irritating now since i need to register to the forum for assistace because the uninstaller doesn't seem to do its job right?

    How do i get rid of this input device?
    I already scanned the registry for reWASD items and removed them but no matter what i do, after every reboot the damm device keeps comming back!

    Please assist in this.

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    Try manually uninstalling the driver after uninstalling the application itself:
    1) Run "Command Promt" (cmd.exe) as administrator. You need to type "cmd.exe" in the Windows taskbar search. Once it is found, right-click it and choose "run as administrator" option
    2) Switch to reWASD folder. Type cd "C:\Program Files\reWASD" and press Enter
    3) Type reWASDService.exe -drvuninstall and press Enter
    4) Restart your PC
    5) Manually remove "C:\Program Files\reWASD" folder
    6) Restart your PC again