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    So, how to run Steam games with reWASD? I found a similar question dated a few years ago, and the answer (from reWASD staffer) was to disable controller support in Steam because running two remappers at the same time is unadvisable. OK, I did exactly that. And tried to play Rage with wireless XB Elite 2. When controller support in Steam was enabled, everything was fine. But when I disable it, the game simply stopped recognizing controller input at all. So, was that the wrong answer? Or does it depend on a particular game? I'd like to understand how it's supposed to work (and what quirks I might encounter) before deciding whether to buy reWASD. Thank you.

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    This depends on the game. If it supports any of the virtual controllers reWASD can emulate or can work only with the keyboard and mouse - you would not need Steam.
    But you will have to set up a separate reWASD config for every game or at least for every type of control your games support.

    It is also possible to use reWASD with Steam, but you have to understand that you will have to use the virtual controller created by reWASD in Steam, instead of your physical controller for settings from both apps to apply. You will also have to keep in mind the remapping chain and who remaps what to be able to predict the result.

    The chain would be: Your controller input > reWASD > reWASD Virtual Controller > Steam remapping > Game.


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      Thank you. But I take it, reWAST now has a 'native' remapping that skips the emulated controller step. The online manual also mentions 'mute' feature that would disable native press signal for buttons remapped to the keyboard/mouse rather than to some other controller buttons. So, the question is, how would Steam see such 'natively modified' physical controller? Would it indeed receive assigned values from buttons remapped to other buttons and nothing at all from muted buttons? In particular, what I'm thinking about is to map paddles to ABXY and ABXY to keyboard commands like Quick Save/Load, Map, etc.


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        This depends on what priority Steam would have in the end. For example, Extended Xbox configuration support would "break" some of WASD's features, meaning that it takes top priority that could override any of reWASD settings. While normal configuration support seems to be having a lower priority (Mute works).

        But if you only wish to remap the paddles of an Xbox Elite 2 controller you should check this article.


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          Thanks, the extended configuration part is a very valuable piece of info. (Now I just have to figure out, how to remove that driver.) As of the article, I saw it already bur that's not something I have in mind. I don't want to map paddles to something fancy, I want them to take over the basic gamepad functionality. Pretty much what Microsoft originally meant, to free the right thumb from necessity to leave the joystick during the action. And use four available buttons for operations performed in a quieter situation.


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            In order to remap paddles in reWASD, you need to unmap them in the Xbox Accessories App anyway.

            To disable controller support from Steam, you need to go into Pig Picture mode and open Controller settings.

            Click image for larger version

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              Thank you. That worked. At least, Steam asked me to reboot to actually remove the driver. It's just some posts on the Steam forums (a year and something old) suggested that just unchecking the support DOES NOT remove the driver and it keeps interfering (with some Nvidia feature), and Valve even admitted the problem. But it looks like they fixed it since then.


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                Before deciding whether to purchase reWASD, it would be advisable to research and gather more information about the specific games you intend to play. Look for any known compatibility issues, user experiences, or community discussions regarding the use of reWASD and Steam's controller support with those games. This will help you better understand how reWASD is supposed to work with different games and what quirks or limitations you might encounter. Now Tunnel Rush has totally sunk its claws into me. I play during my lunch break, before bed, any spare moment really. It's the perfect pick up and play game for in between tasks. And the developers are always adding new tunnels and power ups to keep things fresh.
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                  Very pleased to use. Thank, the information in the expanded configuration section is quite helpful.
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