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  • very slow mouse

    In game my sensivity is very slowly and I can't play normally. If i make the sensitivity more then i can't control the mouse. How i can solve it plz?

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    If you are remapping your mouse to a stick of a virtual controller, its sensitivity can be affected by one of the following:
    • The [X/Y sensitivity] option at [Advanced Mouse settings].
      This option will affect how fast you must move the mouse to reach the maximum stick deflection.
    • The [Deflection Low] value for your right stick at [Virtual controller settings].
      This value must match the deadzone setting in the game on a scale from 0 to 32768.
    • Controller sensitivity setting in the game.
      This value would set the lowest possible angle for the camera turning. You should choose a value that would allow you to make fast turns, while not affecting the accurate aiming much.