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Check Battery Life [how to]

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  • Shadi
    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes the ideal would be to display it with either key or combo. For example with a button press as part of the "commands list", but possibly also as an option in the combo's right click menu. (see screenshots)

    Related but not same issue:

    Speaking of this, DS4Windows has a nice option to change the LED color to any color during a combo. That would also be nice.
    Use case: change the LED color/behavior at any point during a combo and set it back to original when combo is over (or earlier).
    Sometimes that is a nice feedback that some combo is still playing or a toggle state is ON.

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  • 1ncorrect
    We plan to add a battery percentage display for all controllers that can report it this way. However, could you describe your request more precisely?
    Do you want the battery level to be displayed when you press some key or combo?​

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  • Shadi
    started a topic Check Battery Life [how to]

    Check Battery Life [how to]


    DS4Windows has a very useful feature for checking battery life in real time
    It can be assigned to any button or combo and changes the lightbar as seen in the screenshot below

    ReWASD has the battery information since it can display an icon with a percentage in windows
    It can also change the LED based on battery status, so this feels like it is very possible

    However I wasn't able to achieve this with any combination of settings

    Is this possible in anyway? is it a feature that might get implemented someday?

    Note: New to ReWASD. Bought it hoping it might replace my current setup (which works wonderfully) of DS4Windows + JoyToKey + Autohotkey

    Click image for larger version

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