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  • Bluetooth adapter for PC

    Hi, I'm looking to use mouse and keyboard from PC on my nintendo switch and need a bluetooth adapter. What kind of adapters will be able to connect with the switch? Will a standard USB bluetooth 5.0 adapter work?

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    We have found that latest Windows updates may break bluetooth compatibility on PC with Nintendo Switch, so it is hard to recommend actual adapter, because it is 'hit and miss' and may depend on different factors. But we are working on new solution and would recommend you not to buy anything and wait until next reWASD update. Stay tuned!


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      K thanks very much, will do. Also, just curious, but do you think it would be possible to emulate a switch controller like this but without bluetooth, say using some sort of wired connection from pc to the dock perhaps?


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        For wired connection reWASD can emulate controller for Nintendo Switch via GIMX adapter.
        This is DIY solution, based on adapter created for GIMX project, but you can buy ready adapter here:

        You can flash new firmware to it via reWASD and then connect your PC to Nintendo Switch.
        Please read reWASD manuals for more details.
        Make sure you have "Pro Controller Wired Communication" option enabled on Switch too.
        But note that Nintendo Switch does not support Amiibos via wired connection by design.