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UDP server with Virtual Xbox 360 controller?

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  • UDP server with Virtual Xbox 360 controller?

    Just wondering why we can't enable the UDP server option with virtual controller type other than the Virtual DS4...

    I'd really like my Switch Pro controller to be mapped to a Virtual Xbox 360 Controller (so that it's recognized in apps as a standard XInput device), while still having gyroscope data available via UDP to emulators.

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    The main reason, which I believe will be the answer specifically to your use case, is that in reWASD, a virtual gyroscope can only be emulated with a virtual DS4.
    If you emulated a virtual Xbox One or Xbox 360, then the gyroscope data could not only be sent, but also emulated. Since there is no gyroscope on Xbox controllers.‚Äč


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      UDP functionality currently depends on virtual DS4 controller. Sending gyro to UDP just from physical controller is currently not implemented, but we'll try to introduce it in later versions.