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  • Toggle between Layers?

    So, i looked around for a while, but i wasn't really able to find anything that mentioned this. Would it be possible to like ..... have a button that swaps between the different layers that you have?

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    If you mean [Shift layers], then you can set any available button to act as a Shift changer in 3 different modes: hold (jumps to another layer while the button is held), toggle (jumps between layers on every tap), and custom (one-way jump to another layer).

    You can read more about [Shifts] here.


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      Couldn't figure out how to edit my previous message lol, but, I figured out what i was trying to do with you having sent me that page. I wanted different mappings, and then one button that changes the mappings every time you press it. On that page it mentions custom settings. I didn't see that when I was originally trying to set it up. Thank you.