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  • Electric Drum Kit

    Hello ReWasders!!

    I am making a project for an upcoming piece at an art gallery!

    The project involves playing visual art on old instruments, and I have an electric Drum kit with 5 pads and 2 pedals! I am however for some reason having some problems getting this set up with ReWasd.

    I'm using an XboX adaptive as my interface and the problem I am having is that the pads only work when plugged into 'RT' or 'LT' . Which feels like it makes no sense! The 2 pedals work as any button absolutely fine but I have 3 pads which are currently not working !

    Any reason why this might be? And any ideas on a fix? I've got 3 pads that still need programming, and was hoping to use one of the pedals as a shift modifier to double my pads!

    The only thing I can think of is can I assign a button to become a brand new 'LT' or 'RT' within Rewasd itself?

    Thanks for reading, any thoughts pls lmk !


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    I'm not sure that I fully understood the request.
    Is your device being identified in reWASD as an Xbox Adaptive controller?

    We do not officially support such devices, so the fact that some buttons do not work is normal, since we do not guarantee their full support.‚Äč

    Originally Posted by UnGG0Y View Post
    The only thing I can think of is can I assign a button to become a brand new 'LT' or 'RT' within Rewasd itself?

    No, it's not possible..


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      Please be more specific what you mean by "pads". I think pedals should be connected to LT and RT as they work like triggers. As mentioned, we have no experience with Xbox Adaptive controller, but in reWASD it should be recognized as Xbox One gamepad.


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        Yes so ReWasd detects the adaptive as an XBox one controller that all works okay;

        So I think the adaptive controller itself is the issue, not ReWasd!
        I would guess it's something to do with the fact that the drum pads are velocity-sensitive, and the only part of an Xbox One controller with velocity-sensitivity is the 'LT' and 'RT'

        I would assume that they just are incompatible pieces of hardware !

        Anyway thanks very much, hopefully maybe I can find a fix ---- the objective here is to make a drum kit using keyboard inputs , but I may have to switch to MIDI

        Quite an off-the-wall project and idea I know !!

        Big Thanks,