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installing reWASD kills my bluetooth headphones

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  • installing reWASD kills my bluetooth headphones

    I'm unsure if installing kills other bluetooth devices, but when I restart after installing reWASD my Sony WH-1000XM4 headset stops working and can not connect back to my computer even after trying to force it to connect through the Sony app.

    I have read in this forum that with other peripherals that stop working after installing, that basically there's no solution for me. But I wanted to check to see just in case.

    Bluetooth devices in the system may behave unpredictably because it bypasses some Microsoft code inside hidclass drivers and can even cause BSOD in some cases. Due to that reWASD is unable to co-exist with this [not Sony driver, but other peripheral of OP where this was taken from] driver.
    I have uninstalled reWASD because my headphones are the only way I can listen to my computer audio. But for further context I just purchased an Xbox Elite controller and wanted to use the paddles for windows "actions" although it turns out they removed that functionality for windows a little bit ago. So I was hoping to use your software to fix that issue.

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    Please send me the file with system information. It doesn’t include any personal data but shows active processes, installed apps and drivers. It will help us recreate the same conditions and reproduce the issue from our side.
    1. Type ‘msinfo’ in Windows search
    2. Press Enter to open System Information tool
    3. Go to File -> Save
    4. Send me the *.nfo file you get

    Also, please let me know reWASD version you use. It might be better to download and install the latest reWASD version. You can download it from our official website.

    Regarding your headset, do you need to install any additional drivers for your headset, or is it enough default windows driver?

    Thank you in advance


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      I installed using reWASD640-6988.exe which I assume means version 640-6988. I downloaded from your site and installed yesterday so I assume it's the latest.

      My headset did not need additional drivers, just paired it normally with Windows as you do with other bluetooth devices.

      I have the .nfo file, can you instruct how you'd like me to send it to you that is not public?


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        You can always send this file on the forum via private message. Hit on my profile, and you will find a needed box.