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Everything stopped working after update.

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  • Everything stopped working after update.

    Yesterday, everything was working perfectly okay. I use reWASD daily to use my 8bitdo Pro 2 on my PS4 via remote play. It was all good until remote play forced an update. It then became unresponsive to reWASD. I noticed that WASD had an update available as well, so after updating, rebooting and extensive troubleshooting, everything's now out of whack.
    reWASD will no longer detect my controller inputs while also recognizing that the controller is plugged in. On the off-chance it does detect my inputs, turning on remapping (the power symbol in the bottom left-hand corner) stops the inputs once again.
    I've been at this for hours. I'm all out of ideas, please help.

    P.S. For a fraction of a second, when i turned on remapping, reWASD actually recognized the controller and I was able to move in-game. But again, for only a picosecond, then everything stops working again.

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    Guys from reWASD are aware that since the last update of PS Remote play, it no longer works with virtual DS4 gamepads. They understand that this is a significant problem for many of you, and we want to assure you that we are working on a solution. They are doing their best to solve this issue as soon as possible.


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      Hey there!

      In a recent update to PS Remote Play, Sony banned all virtual controllers, including ours.

      However, since update 6.5.1, we added the ability to emulate a virtual DS4 from a physical USB 2.0 hub, which should work in PS RP.

      In order to play via Remote Play or PS Plus, you need an external USB 2.0 Hub.
      If there is no such hub, then you can buy an external physical USB 2.0 hub.​


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