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Shift modifiers used very fast.

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  • Shift modifiers used very fast.

    Hello Everyone from reWASD,

    First of all, I want to thank you for the hard work you all did with this software. I have been using it since 2021 every day, and it is probably the best 25 euros I have ever invested.

    My question is the follow :

    I play a game called, Phantasy Start Online 2. This game has a shift modifier that works just like the ones from reWASD, but with a little difference.

    The basics are the same, when you press the SHIFT button you enter in a back-palette state in which the actions you can use by using buttons like 'X' or 'Y' are the ones from the back-palette instead of being the ones from the regular palette. PSO2 is a very fast game, in a way you can see it like some kind of "Beat them all" MMO, that shares some similarities with games like Bayonetta or Nier Automata. So the usage of the shift modifier needs to be extremely fast.

    The shift modifier that is used in PSO2, is used in the following way by most players. We press directly SHIFT+KEY, like a combo, and then we eventually kept SHIFT pressed if we are gonna keep using the back-palette.

    The game has in top of that a thing called sub-palette, that most of the Mouse+Keyboard players set in their mouse additional buttons. By my side I use a reWASD shift modifier the set this actions in my controller. My problem with the regular shift modifiers of reWASD, is that if by a very almost imperceptible delay I press KEY+SHIFT instead of SHIFT+KEY, reWASD will not trigger the shift modifier action. The PSO2 shift modifier does trigger the right action in this kind of situations since it works like a shortcut combo that triggers a shift modifier state.

    Is there any way to replicate this kind of behaviors with the most recent version of reWASD?

    By my side I am using a pretty old version of reWASD that kinda works ok by combining the "Shortcuts" and the "Shift", but this weird thing I am doing doesn't really work in the versions that are over the 6.0 version of the software.

    I attach here too my current reWASD profile in case it can help, it comes from the 5.8 version.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Short answer - no. [Shifts] and [Shortcuts] are different functions. If you press a button before changing the Shift layer, the mapping from the current Shift will trigger first.

    You can enable the [Re-press the held button when switching the Shift layer] setting at [Preferences > General], but this will not prevent the triggering of the previous layer mapping.

    If you want your mappings to work with no regard to what button was pressed first, you should use the [Shortcuts​] instead.

    [Shifts]​ has changed a lot since 5.8, so I suggest reading the Online Guide article again and remaking your config according to the new Shifts logic.


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      Thanks for your time and fast reply.

      I guess there is no chance than in the future, any kind of slider would exist in order to set manually the delay we could want between the SHIFT key and the ACTION key ?

      reWASD has some sliders in the configuration menu to set some delays for other stuff like shortcuts, so I was just wondering.


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        It is possible to add a delay before the [Shift] layer is changed, but not before a mapping.


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          Thanks for the information.

          There was another thing that I tried months ago but didn't really worked. Basically I set a shortcut that was for example SHIFT+KEY1 = KEY2, SHIFT being a shift modifier trigger and KEY2 the mapping of KEY1 in the SHIFT layer. And I set this shortcut to also being a shift modifier trigger in order to enter into the same shift status that by using the SHIFT. The SHIFT is set by "on release" come back to the original shift layer, but if I entered into the SHIFT layer by using the shortcut, and then I release the SHIFT key, that doesn't bring me to the original shift layer.

          This was something that excluding the last part was 100% working like I wanted. But yes, I wasn't able to come back to the regular layer by unpressing the SHIFT button when I entered by using the shortcut.

          Could this work by any way on the current version?


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            I couldn't understand what you were trying to do there.

            All buttons in a [Shortcut] are needed to be pressed within a certain time window. When a [Shortcut] is triggered, [Single Press] activators on involved buttons will not fire (that is also true for Shift-jump mappings). You can use [Start/Release Press] activators instead since they will always fire without delay when a button is pressed/released.


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              Sorry, I feel that for sure I didn't expressed myself clear enough, I will try to do it again.

              Lets say that we are in the shift0, and I have the R button to go to the shift1. I also have a shortcut button that is R+Y that does the 𝛌 action. This 𝛌 action is also in the Y button in the shift1 layer. I set the R+Y shortcut to in top of performing the 𝛌 action, also moves to the shift1 layer. When I come to the shift1 layer by performing this shortcut, if I unpress the R and Y button that doesn't bring me back to the shift0 layer, even if the R button on the shift1 is set for coming back to the shift0 layer on releasing this R button.

              Basically I tried this trick in order to try to achieve the behavior I described in my first message, which is replicate how shift modifiers works in PSO2.

              So I was wondering if this trick or any similar one could work to achieve this behavior.


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                Are you using both [Shifts] and [Shortcuts] for this? I think you should be using only one of the two.

                But if you insist, you should remap [Release Press] activator of [R] button on [Shift#1] as a [Shift jump] to the main shift in [Custom] mode.