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  • Is there a way ?

    I need some help.
    I want to single press a button and reWASD press the button longer for me.
    Example: i press the button normally but holds for me half second.

    Is that possible ?


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    It is possible to remap a button to a [Combo] of itself held for a specific time (can be set in the 2nd node) like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    But if the condition is to hold the button for a bit after it was released with no regard to how long it was held, the solution would be a bit more complex:
    • Remap the [Single Press] activator of the button to itself and enable the [Mute] flag for it.
    • Remap the [Release Press] activator to the [Combo] shown above.


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      It worked. I tried the second option and totally worked.
      Another scenario, is it possible, if a press a button it will work normally, but if a hold for a bit it will double tap ?


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        Remap the [Hold Press] activator to a double-tap [Combo]. Using that activator will add a slight delay to the [Single Press] activator, as the delay is needed to determine what activator should be triggered. If you want your previous mapping on [Single Press] to work always and without delay, move that mapping to the [Start Press] as [Combo] in [Hold until released] mode.