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RICOCHET Anti-Cheat update - MW2022

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  • RICOCHET Anti-Cheat update - MW2022

    Hey guys, apparently the new ricochet anti cheat update, detects users using any kind of third party devices, do you guys think that reWASD will be detected too? Because i've got multiple shadowbans already, and i really think that its because of reWASD. And yes i do use KBAM aim assist.

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    [Turbo] and [Combo] features (macro commands) are usually considered cheating in competitive games.
    reWASD warns you about this at least once when a config that relies on these features is applied.

    The statement mentions that third-party devices using macro commands would be detected and warned/banned.
    If you would use the features mentioned above in games protected by this anti-cheat, there is a chance that you will get in trouble.

    Remapping itself was not mentioned, so we assume that usage of reWASD without [Turbo] and [Combo]‚Äč mappings would not lead to any warnings or bans.


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      Thanks for help
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