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  • Button issue override

    Okay so, there's 2 buttons.
    Button 1 is held in for running
    button 2 is held in to make character go to cover

    When I hold in button 1 and hit button 2 whilst still holding in button 1, button 2 will make my character take cover. But... I only want button 2 to work when I'm not holding in button 1. Is this possible?

    I want button 1 to keep working even when I accidently press button 2 out of bad habit, and when I'm holding in button 2, and then move to button 1 at the same time, I want button 1 to take over and be the main one when both get pressed.

    Sorry if this is confusing, but bascially if i hold both buttons in, i want button 1 to be the main one to function and only button 2 to function when not pressing button 1

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    Let's imagine that is button 1 and is button 2.
    So, you need to while you hold button, the button was muted. You can achieve it using the Shifts Layer. In the Main Layer button you need to adjust as jump to Layer 1 in the hold mode and stay the native input. In Layer 1, you need to mute button input. Thus, while you hold , you jump to Layer 1 where button is muted and won't be pressed, Once you release button, both buttons have the native input.

    Based on this, you can improve your config and enjoy your game.
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      Great, it worked. Thank you!