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    Hi reWASD Team,

    I hope you're all doing well I just want to start off by saying I absolutely love your program ! I've been using it for almost every game I've been playing and there hasn't been one instance where reWASD hasn't helped me out in some way. Practically everything that I've thought about using my controller for, reWASD has allowed me to accomplish, which is why this program has been an absolute godsend for me. Whether it's the FAQ page, this forum, or a quick reWASD Google search, I've been able to find the answers to all of my controller questions. From macros to joystick zones, I've absolutely loved fiddling around in this software, tweaking every minute detail to my heart's content, and for that I must give you guys a resounding THANKS! ^.^

    Now that I've shared my gratitude with y'all, I need to get to the nitty gritty of my post - I have searched on Google as well as this forum with the following phrases/keywords - Zero Dead Zone Trigger, Hair Trigger, Zero Delay Trigger, but I've still arrived at a dead end. Google has absolutely no recommendations for a device/peripherals driver and it seems you can only accomplish this task in the Xbox 'Elite' controller app if you have an Elite controller. I did discover a post that taught me how to adjust the deadzones of the triggers which I am hugely grateful for, however - no matter how much I try I can't seem to bring the value of the 'Max' deadzone down to 0 like the other zones. The lowest 'Max' can go is 4164. Pictured: -Click image for larger version

Name:	Trigger Deadzone Level.png
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    I've seen it slightly emulated in the 'Start Press' function, but it only takes me so far. The 'Start Press' function seems to eliminate all delay in the initial touch of the trigger, however it won't let you hold down the trigger. Holding down the trigger (i.e. pressing the trigger past the LOW zone) seems to 'deactivate' or 'zero' the function, and ultimately creating an (unwanted) 'Turbo' function. I've even tried to see if I could add a 'Toggle' function to 'Start Press' that brings me to a a new set, and once there, the MID and HIGH zones of the same trigger in the new set could transition from the 'Start Press' into one continuous press. But 'Toggle' is currently not available for 'Start Press'. Only 'Turbo' is. So now I'm at my wits end on how I am able to accomplish a 'zero delay', 'zero deadzone' trigger press (and Hold), essentially turning the triggers from an analog press to a digital one. For some context, take Dark Souls for instance:- I like to assign my 'Dodge' button to LT, but because of the way 'sprint/run' is implemented in Dark Souls, and other FromSoft games, you are required to 'Hold Down' the 'Dodge' button in order to Sprint. However by me holding down the Dodge button (LT) with 'Start Press', it just 'Turbos' the Dodge function without implementing the Sprint function at all T.T

    Sorry for the long-winded post, but if anybody here from the reWASD team or fellow community members could help me out with this one conumdrum please let me know ^.^ I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it! Cheers Everyone!​

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    Hey there!

    Unfortunately, this value cannot be reduced.

    If we understand you correctly and you want your trigger to reach 100% when pressed instantly, then you can do it without zones.
    To achieve this, you need to create a combo in Hold until release mode on the Single Press activator, then your trigger will no longer be analog and will always be immediately pressed at 100%​

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi strokel,

      Thank you so much for the quick response! Unfortunately while testing out your solution I came upon a stark realisation, that it wasn't something that the software was missing, but rather how Dark Souls is programmed. I don't know why it never occured to me before literally just now T.T But by assigning LT to both LB and LT, I was able to test the relative 'lag' between the two, after using the method you've provided, and there doesn't seem to be any difference, however it's not the same as assigning LT 'Dodge' to just 'Start Press'. I think that's just how the game is programmed, there's like 0.5 seconds of build up if you want to sprint while holding the 'Dodge' button as opposed to just 'Dodging'. Ah well, at least I can hold down LT/RT now without unwanted turbo'ing xD

      Thanks again for your help strokel Much appreciated! <3​


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        You're welcome.

        Should you have any other questions or require further assistance, please let us know.