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Azeron Cyro Mouse Movement not available

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  • Azeron Cyro Mouse Movement not available

    As title says, normal buttons map well. But it has no mouse movement capabilities.

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    Hi. Please send us a screenshot of the full reWASD window with your mouse mappings.


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      What do you mean? you cannot go into "Mouse settings". There is not option.
      Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	238006​Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	238007​As you can see, Keyboard/Mouse are greyed out.


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          You need to group your devices before remapping and applying the config.


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            Awesome, thanks!


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              Hello !

              I am currently having similar problems to the one described above.

              Sadly, the solution outlined above does not work for me since reWASD does not see any other device that corresponds to the Cyro.
              Since there is only one Cyro deviice and no other corresponding device on the computer, there is nothing to group to even try the outlined solution.

              The bug can happen:
              • whenever reWASD is started, as soon as any game profile is displayed (not applied, just selected and displayed) - happens consistently (100% of the times)
              • whenever the displayed game profile is switched (again, not applied) - happens inconsistently
              • whenever remapping gets disabled, from an applied profile to no profile at all - happens inconsistently

              My only way to regain mouse control when the bug triggers is to unplug and replug the Cyro.

              Other possibly useful info:
              • All devices seen by reWASD are the only input devices currently connected to the computer
                • Azeron Cyro
                • Azeron Cyborg
                • Keyboard
                • XBox360 Bluetooth-connected keyboard
              • The only group I made consists of (in that order):
                • Azeron Cyborg
                • Keyboard
                • Azeron Cyro
              • All three devices are connected on the same USB hub
                • I have already tested with only the Cyro connected directly to the motherboard on its own USB port
                • also by unplugging all other inputs to save power
                • in every of these tests, the bugged behavior outlined above stayed the same
              • The Cyro is configured to have only one single on-board profile, with no switch buttons
                • this was done to let me have a consistent behavior whenever no reWASD profile is loaded
                • I see no need for other profiles nor to lose a button for switching since reWASD is the software in charge of deciding the bindings

              While I have found a workaround by unplugging and re-plugging the device, I get by; but this is fairly inconvenient.

              Is there anything else I should try to solve this behavior ?


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                Hi Draco Dynasty

                Please try connecting your device directly to your PC and let us know if this issue persists.


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                  As outlined in my previous post, I have already tried that and the issue persisted.


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                    Please make sure that you have the latest Azeron firmware installed.
                    If your firmware is up to date, try checking on the previous version and let us know the result.


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                      Downgraded both Azeron sowftware (1.4.0, from previously 1.4.1) and Cyro firmware (88b, from previously 89b).
                      The issue is unchanged.

                      I also found a way to avoid having to unplug and replug when the problem arises.
                      When the mouse becomes unavailable, using CTRL+ALT+DELETE combination gives back control.

                      Since this is the shortcut used by reWASD to disable remapping, it feels to me like reWASD somehow silently appropriates the Cyro and won't let anything else see it, despite no remapping actually taking place ?

                      It's still strange that the keybind to cancel all remappings work despite no mapping actually being applied.


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                        reWASD works with all Azeron devices in exclusive mode once selected in GUI, making it "invisible" for any other software.

                        The same goes for Azeron Cyro: exclusive mode also turns off its mouse functions. We plan to change this behavior in the future, but we don't have any ETA yet.

                        For now, we suggest using another mouse device to set up your config and [Autodetect] settings.


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                          I see. Guess I have no choice but to put up with it until then.

                          Thank you for your answers.