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  • 1ncorrect
    You can manually assign A and D to the horizontal movement of the stick, and leave the vertical ones unchanged.

    However, in this case, you will lose the full-fledged analogy of the diagonal movement of the stick.

    To compensate a bit for this loss, you can go to Advanced stick settings, turn on the Use 8 digital directions option and manually assign a diagonal stick deflection combo to the diagonals.
    In this picture, there are stick deflection symbols for the combo.
    Click image for larger version

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  • Buttersexe
    started a topic Joystick Question

    Joystick Question

    Would it be possible for me to set up a mapping where the horzionatal zones on my joystick become a and d instead of controller inputs? basically meaning the front of the joystick still acts as as a controller but the sides become keypresses

    Igonore the bad photoshop but something like this

    Click image for larger version

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