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Adjusting sensitivity in Apex Legends when using reWASD

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  • Adjusting sensitivity in Apex Legends when using reWASD

    Hi. I ran into a problem when playing with reWASD in Apex Legends: when the mouse moves slowly, the sensitivity is large, the faster the mouse moves, the lower the sensitivity. Although, logically, it should be the other way around - on smooth movements, the sensitivity is lower, on fast ones it increases. Or, ideally, somehow make a smooth sensitivity (like on a mouse) without increasing it and slowing it down. Can someone suggest how and where to do this?

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    It's important to understand, that sticks do not work as the mouse does. To turn the character from side to side quickly, you need to hold the stick for some time at the maximum point of deflection. Which, in case of mapping the stick to physical mouse, is equal to slowly, but consistently, moving it in a certain direction. Please check out this video, we explain all the settings you can change (both in-game and in reWASD), and show how exactly the mouse remapped to a stick is different from the regular mouse
    Also, here's the post where we describe all the settings that you can change to make mouse movement better.

    There are also some basic tips that can make the virtual stick feel more like a mouse: Check the in-game settings. Pay attention to the stick settings for the camera. You should minimize the deadzone there + it is better to tune the sensitivity a bit, increase it. Do not set a big deadzone in reWASD. Start from the default one and make it a bit bigger or smaller if you need. If there are no deadzone settings in the game, you may need to make the gray zone for the Deflection bigger. Please follow 1, 2, 3 steps to tune the correct stick. It is important to understand that stick works differently. So, if you need to turn faster, you need to move your mouse longer, not faster. Also, you can try this workaround with zones described in the video.
    Noise Filter, Sensitivity and Smoothing options that you could find in Advanced mouse settings here. depend on a mouse you have. It is better to tune them one by one and check the results in the game — it is pretty hard to define the best values ​​without trying​​