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Deadzone lower than 0,250 is not working

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  • Deadzone lower than 0,250 is not working


    I'm trying to remap my controller by creating a virtual controller, but even when I set deflection zones on virtual controller to 0 and I set grey zone max in right stick advanced settings to 0 and green zone start to 0, virtual controller still applies the dead zone until physical controller right stick inout is about 0,250. Basically, I verified by test virtual controller using reWASD testing overlay. I would expect that with all dead zones set to 0, virtual controller will output something even when physical controller has output lower than 0,250, but virtual controller outputs 0 until physical controller crossed 0,250 on any right stick axis.

    When using steam input, everything works as expected - for example 0,100 right stick output on physical controller results in 0,100 output in steam input virtual controller. Is there any minimum hardcoded value in reWASD creating a dead zone of 0,250?

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    We couldn't understand what you were doing there exactly.

    Could you provide screenshots of the options you've changed in reWASD along with the [Response Curve] you've set for the stick in question?